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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Turkey Treat for Winslow 42C 44M

We thought this was a wonderful Emory tradition from the World War II era - run a race and win a turkey! Dr. Winslow 42C 44M was a runner with the men's cross country team. Though athletic records aren't tracked to the days when computers weren't yet a dream, we can tell you that Dr. Winslow was a member of Alpha Kappa Kappa Medical Fraternity and a member of the Beta Chi Chapter of Sigma Chi. He was a sophomore at the time of this photo from 1943 Campus.
And in case you have a hankering to race for your Thursday bird, visit Run Georgia for a complete listing of all Gobble Jogs and Turkey Trots in Emory's home state.
For more information about the Emory men's cross country team today, visit Emory Athletics.

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