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Friday, November 18, 2011

November 30 Webinar for Over 50 Job Seekers

The economic downturn of the past few years has resulted in significant lay-offs and job loss, and those over 50 have been particularly hard-hit.
• What special challenges face the “over 50” job seeker?
• How can mature workers highlight their experience while minimizing their age?
• What services can recruiters provide, and what are the best ways to work with them?
• How can you best leverage social media?
• How should you translate experience from one industry to another?
• Have you become a “reluctant entrepreneur?” How do you continue to create business while pursuing other opportunities?
All alumni are welcome to join us for this special webinar with a panel of experts from around the country as we discuss these and other questions.

Meet our Panelists:

Roger W. Davidson, Sr.
Business Manager, Accounting & Finance Group, Avalon Synergy, Dallas, TX

Cydnee Dubrof
Managing Director, The Dubrof Group, Atlanta, GA

Amber Handman 95C
Legal Search Consultant, Seltzer Fontaine Beckwith, Los Angeles, CA

David Kirshenbaum 83C
Senior Vice President, Hilco Real Estate, Northbrook, IL
Adjunct Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago, IL

Jessica Saltz 99C
Vice President, Talent Management, BNP Paribas, New York, NY

Jodie Charlop 82Ox 85C
Founder and Chief Coaching Officer, Potential Matters, Atlanta, GA
Executive Career Coach, Emory Alumni Association, Atlanta, GA

This program will take place November 30 from 7:00-8:15 pm ET / 4 :00-5:15 pm PT.

Click here to register via secure link.

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