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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Student-to-Alumni Reflection on 100 Senior Honorary

Please help us welcome guest columnist Arjun Seth 11C! He shares his experience with the 100 Senior Honorary. Nominations for this year's group close at midnight tomorrow, November 3.

As I sat at the 100 Senior Honorary ceremony this past February, I listened to Allison Dykes, the Vice President for Alumni Relations, speak about the transition from student to alumni. Up until that point, I had been in a state of denial about my imminent graduation and the future: I had no job in hand, and still had papers and exams to complete. I did not think I could take on a new challenge—learning how to be a good alum—when I had more pressing matters to attend to.

The 100 Senior Honorary, however, helped me to work though this challenge gradually during my final semester. It allowed me to understand the role of the alum by hearing the experiences of the alumni who had previously been inducted into the 100 Senior Honorary. These alumni had been incredible leaders in their class, contributing significantly to the Emory community and leaving a meaningful legacy for students.

What struck me was how these alumni continued to serve Emory well after they had graduated—they were interviewing applicants for admissions, participating at Evening with Emory programs around the country, and organizing events for alumni and friends in their area. They kept both themselves and their friends connected to Emory, expanding their personal friendships and their relationship to our alma mater. I was beginning to learn what a good alum does.

The 100 members of the Senior Honorary for the Class of 2011 have kept me connected to Emory, and represent a portion of what we accomplished as a class and the promise of what we can accomplish in the future. They were nominated and selected for the impact they had on members of my class, and deserved the recognition they received.

Each year, you have the opportunity to nominate those people in the senior class who you believe are deserving of this award—they can include seniors who have mentored you, shown you how to navigate Emory, assisted you in starting up a club, or helped you through adversity. Nominate those who you believe are outstanding, who have defined your Emory experience, and who you believe have led and will continue to lead your class. Their impact on you as well as the Emory community merits recognition and should be celebrated.

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