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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nose - In or Ticket!

We all know to display parking permits prominently or we’ll return to our cars to discover a dreaded yellow parking citation envelope on the dashboard. And anyone who has circled their assigned lot fruitlessly because violators have taken one of the allotted spaces will be relieved.

The Parking and Transportation Office has announced that they’re rolling out new scanner technology soon to automatically identify registered license plates.
But, there’s a catch. In order for the new recognition system to work, even properly permitted cars must be parked nose–in to spaces to avoid an envelope now! Because Georgia does not require cars to have a license plate on the front, the new regulation is to ensure that all plates are facing the same way for the new scanners to work correctly. If you failed your driver’s test the first time because you have no idea how to back into a space in the first place (guilty…) don’t worry! But everyone else should think twice when pulling in.

Also for all proper permit users, be sure to remember to register every car you drive-no more simply moving the hanging tag from car to car. Abusers beware!

For all of you alumni visiting the Emory campus, this new system will help ensure you'll have plenty of visitor parking spaces even at the Miller-Ward Alumni House. Stop by for a visit next time you're on campus!

--Liz Speyer 14C, EAA communications intern

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