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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Holiday Traditions

As the holidays draw nearer, family traditions are at the forefront of all of our minds. So how does your team at the Emory Alumni Association celebrate at home with their own families? We wanted to know, so we asked for stories from our friends here at the Miller-Ward Alumni House. Here are just a few special moments to share:

Jennifer Crabb 98Ox 00C, EAA's director of communications and technology:

"It is a new tradition for our family, but we go to Berry’s Tree Farm in Covington, GA and search the fields for the perfect Christmas tree. Then we chop it down ourselves. We also ride the train on the property. It is a fun tradition!"

Kelley Quinn 08B, EAA's communications specialist:

"My family always gets together to decorate our Christmas tree. My parents have bought a Hallmark ornament every Christmas they have been married. With 35 now, those are the only ones we put on our tree because there are so many. They have been saving Hallmark ornaments for my brother and I since we were born, so that when we have families of our own we can carry on the tradition."

Martha Fagan, EAA's senior director:

"Christmas for my family is in Mobile, Alabama where my 91 year old mother still lives. My brother and his wife, four nephews (three of whom have wives/significant others), and my husband and I spend as much time as possible together. I think one of our most time-honored traditions is on Christmas Eve. We typically have an early dinner followed by church services. After services everyone comes back over to my brother's (used to be my Mother's) for snacks and killer canasta. We have a big tradition in our family of canasta. It was a real rite of passage as the nephews grew up to be old enough and good enough to play at the table. Now we are teaching our girls who are joining the family. We have two babies now, Sara is 16 months and Ethan is 6 months. They will be at the table before we know it."

Allison Dykes, EAA's vice president of alumni relations:

"We make Italian cookies called pizzelles, a recipe that has been passed down from my Italian mother’s side of the family from several generations."

Stacey Gall, EAA's associate director of communications and technology:

"Usually my in-laws come from France and take care of the four of us for 3 weeks, cooking and cleaning. They are waiting to come until late February when the baby is born. Looks like we will have to cook Christmas and New Years meals all by ourselves!
On Christmas Eve, we visit with my oldest friend. We met in 1st grade. Her parents have been throwing a Christmas Eve party since before I can remember. Neighbors, family, friends, and everyone else in southeast Atlanta comes over for a great evening of booze, food, and holiday cheer. My kids always manage to break something. The hostess always tells me that I am not allowed to worry about it the next year."

Laura Zimmerman Weekley, regional volunteer programs director:

"My family always listens to Christmas music by the Rat Pack as we’re enjoying our coffee, mimosas, and French toast casserole on Christmas morning."

Ariane Fitch, assistant director, regional volunteer programs:

"When my brother and I were kids we read J.R.R. Tolkein’s Letters from Father Christmas out loud – a letter a night leading up to Christmas. As adults our traditions center more around food. Brown sugar bacon on Christmas morning is a must, as are the chocolate cookies we make every year."

Michelle Valigursky, EAA's assistant director, marketing communications:

"Our family reminisces around the dinner table, calling up the best holiday moments and surprises we shared when we were young and our children were little. Storytelling is a great part of Christmastime, and we look forward to making new memories every year to enjoy and share for generations to come."

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