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Friday, December 2, 2011

A dream blossoms in Pittsburgh

Dreams often grow from a seed, as do delicate-blossomed cherry trees. Emory alumnae Yukiko Giho 08N is a big believer in dreams. Originally from Japan but now living in western Pennsylvania after graduating from Emory, Giho shares her “dream to celebrate the beauty of cherry blossoms right here in Pittsburgh,” she explains. “We people of the greater Pittsburgh area, not only Japanese but anyone who shares this dream, get together. We've been planting cherry trees and other native trees in the North Park twice yearly.”

The Pittsburgh Sakura Project began in May 2007 and Giho has volunteered her time to support the project in honor of Emory Cares Everywhere. On Saturday, November 12, Giho and friends planted 22 cherry trees along with nine native trees.” The trees Giho planted during last year’s Emory Cares International Service Day are already beautifying her new hometown.
When asked why she decided to get involved in Emory Cares Everywhere, Giho’s response was heartfelt. “Because I love the Emory spirit of commitment in serving the community.” Throughout the year, she also volunteers at area home and garden shows and benefit concerts.

On a professional level, Giho uses her Emory education as a nurse practitioner who specializes in women’s health. At Adagio Health, she provides her clients with reproductive and sexual health care, including annual well-woman visits, birth control consult and screening services for sexually transmitted infections (STI).

“Each day brings me lots of excitements as well as challenges, which I enjoy,” she says. With clients ranging in age from “tweens to 70s,” Giho embraces the challenge of educating people on “various reproductive and sexual needs across the life span.” Though most of her clientele is female, she also works with men for STI screening and treatment. Her passion for her work is evident. “I try to spend as much time as I can with each client so he or she has a better idea how to maintain and improve his or her health once they walk out the door.”

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