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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emory Cares for Newton County families and children

Every year, Emory alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends participate in volunteer service projects around the globe. This November, Chris Arrendale 99Ox 01C, led efforts to share valuable supplies and other fun items for a local charity. Chris writes about the project:

Emory Cares is a project that I am involved because I feel that giving back to the community is important and the event is so much fun! My wife, Amanda Arrendale, and I co-chaired this year's Emory Cares event on Oxford's campus and I have been involved with the project for the past 3 years. It is a lot of fun to bring the community, alumni, families, and friends together to get this project completed for the kids. We even had alumni, staff, and students from Emory drive out to Oxford to participate in Emory Cares. This year we put together 135 shoeboxes full of items for the Newton County Division of Family and Children Services Center! These shoeboxes will be given to children at the Newton County DFACS holiday party and we are happy to bring holiday joy to these kids!

We received donations from many local businesses, as well as from volunteers and alumni. Every year I use social media websites and free sample websites to gather as many toiletries and toys for the kids as I can. My wife and I also collect these items from family, friends, and local businesses and keep these items for the upcoming event. We receive at least 1 item a day through the mail!

The Oxford College Emory Cares event had the largest turnout of volunteers, largest turnout of kids, and the largest amount of donations than any previous year! This year we used Facebook to post the event and some of us made calls to alums and family to generate more volunteers. We had so many donations, that we ran out of shoeboxes! Oxford College holds a special place in my heart and working on the Emory Cares project is something I look forward to every year.

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