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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SAA to SAB: different acronym, same purpose

Emory’s Student Alumni Association (SAA) has made an exciting change this year. SAA has traditionally been composed of roughly 40 undergraduate students from all classes and fields of interest. These students act as liaisons between the student body and Emory alumni by representing students at Emory Alumni Association (EAA) sponsored events, organizing programs that connect students and alumni, and facilitating the transition from active student to proud alumni.

This year, the SAA has decided to both expand and reorganize, extending SAA membership to all students who have become alumni – at Emory this includes any student who has completed two full semesters of academic work. The tradition of becoming an alumni after two semesters was created in order to honor Robert Woodruff. Robert Woodruff left Emory after only two semesters to run the Coca-Cola Company and then gave back to Emory in many important ways.

The new structure of SAA will mirror the structure of the EAA. All alumni are members of the EAA, while those on the Emory Alumni Board represent the voice of alumni. All students who have achieved alumni status will now be considered a part of the SAA, and what used to be the SAA will now be the Student Alumni Board (SAB) that will represent students in alumni affairs.

To become a member, students either must attend the annual Sophomore Pinning Ceremony or contact the EAA to request membership status. All SAA members will receive a pin, EAA giveaways, digital communications from the EAA, membership in “Hometown Connection” Club, volunteer and leadership opportunities, access to the alumni database and LinkedIn group, resume listing, and numerous other opportunities to interact with alumni.

The SAB feels that this change will help students be more aware of and feel more included in alumni activities. We believe this will create a stronger sense of unity among all generations of Emory students.

I have been involved with the SAA since my freshman year at Emory, and now I'm it's co-president. The relationships I've formed have made my experience at Emory what it is today. The alumni I've met have given me so much guidance in determining my path at Emory and beyond. If you're interested in learning more about the SAA expansion, the SAB, or any other student-alumni-related activities, please contact me at alross2@emory.edu.

--Anna Ross 12C, SAA co-president

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