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Friday, October 21, 2011

From Pocket to Pocket

One day Frigyes Karinthy had an idea. He hypothesized that every single person on Earth is connected through six steps or fewer - through only six introductions.
We think if we played the six degrees of separation game we could introduce any two of you almost 114,000 Emory alumni out there in way fewer steps than six!
But have you ever thought about all of the people that each one of you knows? And how big that number of connections gets when you multiply it by 114,000?
This morning when we made a trip to the Emory Bookstore, this dollar bill was among our change. We tracked it at www.wheresgeorge.com and found that Emory is only its second recorded stop, which begs the questions: who will be the next Emory connection of you 114,000 alumni to come across this bill?
--Liz Speyer 14C, communications assistant, EAA

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