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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living Large from Emory to India

To say that Eric Teasdale 06C has been busy since his Emory graduation would undoubtedly understate all that this former two-time Residence Hall Association President, Resident Advisor, and Senior Resident Advisor has experienced and achieved.

Teasdale arrived at Emory, planning to perhaps take it easy for the first time in a while after being extremely busy in high school. However, that plan didn’t last for long.

He really enjoyed spending time with the SAs, RAs, and Residence Hall Director in Turman East and ran for a hall position with the Residence Hall Association (RHA). Ultimately, his involvement with RHA and Residence Life & Housing would come to shape his time at Emory.

Originally from New Hampshire, Teasdale graduated from Emory with a double major in political science and sociology. After graduation, he put his Res Life skills to use, working as the director of student activities at the Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School, living with a number of teenage boys for the summer. He then spent a year studying international relations at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland on the prestigious Bobby Jones Scholarship. While abroad, he traveled extensively throughout Europe, as well as to Morocco and India.

While in India, Teasdale visited and volunteered with the Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC), an organization founded by Elizabeth Sholtys 07C that reaches out to orphaned and abandoned children living in the slums of Pune, India. Teasdale and Sholtys had not met during their time at Emory, but they quickly fell in love. They are now married with a nearly two-year-old daughter named Ariana.

Last May, Teasdale graduated from Duke University School of Law. At Duke, he volunteered his time representing the interests of at-risk children in the Durham, NC community. Currently, Eric is spending a year with his wife and daughter in Pune, India working at AIC. The Res Life experiences are certainly beneficial to him, as he builds a home and community for thirteen children (including his daughter) in India. Later this year, he will join the law firm of Choate Hall and Stewart, LLP in Boston, MA.

Teasdale fondly remembers his time at Emory. He misses the RHA Soup Kitchen (now the RHA Sandwich Drive), and he's proud that the tradition is still going strong today. Even a number of years after graduating, he remembers his experiences from living in a residence hall.

“Every time I talk to friends from Emory, most of whom lived in a residence hall with me at least one of the four years I was at Emory, we inevitably reminisce about the fun and general ridiculousness that living in a residence hall entailed,” Teasdale said.

--Sacha Munro 11C

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