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Monday, March 21, 2011

The beginning of the Greatest Week on Earth (first in a series)

Once a year, skeletons creep all over campus. Once a year, a dug-up coffin sits ominously in front of the Dobbs University Center (DUC) sign on Asbury Circle. Once a year, Lord James W. Dooley springs (sort of) to life to frolic around campus letting students out of their classes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni of all ages, Cirque Dool'ey is coming to town, and it's going to be the greatest week of Earth!

Months of hard work, planning, and organization by the Student Programming Council (SPC), myself included, will finally come to fruition this week. About 1,500 shirts have been rolled and are ready to be given out (keeping eye contact is key). Hundreds of flyers have been posted all over campus. And SPC will be offering elephant rides all throughout Dooley's Week...just kidding! (No animals were harmed in the planning of Dooley's Week.)

Later today, we'll be setting up for the first--and tastiest--Dooley's Week event, the Taste of Emory. It's going to be hard not to sneak samples from the 15 restaurants worth of free food all around me while I'm working the drinks table, but I promise I'll try. If you're a fan, of Fritti, Nicola's Restaurant, DBA Barbecue, El Original Taco, and many more restaurants, and you're in the area, you're not going to want to miss this.

Now, for those of you alumni who can't make it back to Emory for Dooley's Week and are reminiscing about the days when Dooley let you out of your biology lab, this goes out to you. Nowadays, the Lord of Misrule uses our email system to entice students to write limericks requesting that Dooley them out of their classes. Here are a few that have popped up today:

In ANT 312 we study you
Your humerus, tibia and femur, too.
It sounds like so much fun;
the students- they learn a ton,
but I'm the TA
and I just want to run!

- Amanda Winburn 11C

Actual malice, torts, and prior restraint
These scary law words just make me want to faint
As a journalism major I didn't intend
to learn about libel and defamation til I bend.
Please, Lord Dooley, as a final Senior favor
Release us from class so that Trivia Night we can savor
I know that it's late and this stop will probably be your last,
But in Comm Law we need some love; is that too much to ask?

I realize we're learning how to avoid jail
but from 6-8:30 PM, I feel like I might fail.
Oh Dooley, the last four years have been so rewarding
but in Comm Law, let's be honest, it's just all kinds of boring.
Come make an appearance, oh Lord of Misrule,
and I promise you won't see happier kids at this school.

- Alexandra Lemco 11C

Despite the pretentiousness, show us some pity
Ranked #3, but this prereq ain't pretty.
Dull drawn out lectures, with handwriting to match,
Ops hurts Monday/Wednesday, sew me a patch.
Save us from dreary, one-sided discussions
Heads slamming books may cause concussions.
Despite the tall hill, upon which we reside,
The B-School is Emory, put Lord Dooley inside.

- Jeffrey Solodky 12B

Happy Dooley's Week!

--Lindsey Bomnin 12C, EAA communications intern

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