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Friday, March 25, 2011

Every Dooley's Week has got 'em (fourth in a series)

That is, a comedian and an artist or two. But this Dooley's Week, we (the Student Programming Council) got some good ones.

Comedian Donald Glover not only kept me awake Wednesday night after a long few days of working the week's events, but had me laughing to the point of tears. Cliche, I know, but true.

When he first came on stage at Glenn Memorial Auditorium, he asked the audience if anyone watched NBC's Community on which he plays Troy Barnes. After everyone cheered, he said his stand up would be nothing like that.

He went on to tell more than PG-rated jokes to a consistently laughing audience that included his father sitting up in the balcony. He joked about life experiences and interacted with the audience, giving a shout-out to a student after she tweeted for one.

He resurrected Twitter a bit later when he referenced the online controversy about the idea of Glover playing Spider-Man. He especially poked fun at one commentator's comparison that Glover as Spider-Man would be like Michael Cera playing Shaft, a movie Glover said he'd pay to see over and over again.

He ended with a nice little story from his childhood adventure at The Home Depot, but I don't think I would do it justice by retelling it here.

And then Thursday night, SPC and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) didn't "apologize" for co-sponsoring the OneRepublic concert on McDonough Field. Students "stopped and stared" as they performed their set. It was no "secret" that everyone had a good time--and that they played all of their hit singles. (Anymore I can sneak in this post?)

They played a few covers, including a sweet rendition of "Stand by Me" and a fusion of "Seven Nation Army" and "SexyBack."

If you didn't notice, their on-stage lighting was pretty impressive, and that didn't include all of it. Rumor has it--well, the Dooley's Week chairs said--that we had to tell the band to withhold some of their lighting because our stage couldn't take all that weight.

So if you missed either of those two acts, we've got one more tonight: Dooley's Ball, featuring Milkman, a mash-up artist otherwise known as Gregg Luskin. If you're thinking Girl Talk circa 2010 Dooley's Ball, then I'd say you have a pretty good idea of what tonight will be like.

And if you haven't heard, the ball's going to be on McDonough Field, not the WoodPEC as originally planned. (We got DeKalb County to ease up on its noise ordinance rules for tonight.)

Remember, it's a costume ball. Dress accordingly.

Photos by Stacy Perlis 11B

--Lindsey Bomnin 12C, EAA communications intern

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