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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emory gets 'Tasty' (second in a series)

When 15 restaurants serving delicious food line Asbury Circle on a sunny Monday afternoon, I like to call that the "Taste of Emory," and the biggest one ever at that.

Stationed as a restaurant "ambassador" to DBA Barbecue for the whole event, the first of Dooley's Week, I inhaled the enticing scent of barbecue, while students lined up for the grub. And after a few napkin-, plate-, and fork-runs, I was rewarded with my own plate of pulled pork, baked beans, and potato salad.

To the right at the El Original Taco stand, they were serving pork carnitas tacos, and further down, Twain's was serving fried macaroni and cheese balls with bacon bits inside. I can almost taste it as I'm writing it down.

And to the left of DBA, Figo Pasta was serving a variety of bruschetta (my favorite had goat cheese on top), and further down toward Cox Bridge, Violette Restaurant whipped up a generous display of French desserts like ├ęclairs. And all of that doesn't even cover half of the restaurants that came out to serve their specialties.

Well over 3,000 guests attended the event (we blame this happiness on a wise change of location from the Goizueta Business School to the wide-open Asbury Circle), so a lot of the food ran out after the first hour.

The only restaurant that survived the crazed DUC-frequenting Emory students until the end was Bruster's Real Ice Cream, that served countless scoops of strawberry, mango and cookie dough ice cream.

The day wasn't without it glitches (we had a last-minute cancellation), but I think we delivered--literally. Taste of Emory easily takes the cake (excuse my culinary puns) for the biggest food delivery to campus every year.

So if you didn't get a taste of Emory this Dooley's Week, I bet these restaurants would love to catch you up on what you missed.

Photo by Stacy Perlis 11B

--Lindsey Bomnin 12C, EAA communications intern

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