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Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the home of the BRAVES

As the biggest Braves fan on the EAA staff, I get the honor of sending the Atlanta Braves into their first playoff game against the San Francisco Giants. You'll see from above that I'm a long-time fan. In fact, if anyone was wondering, the picture on the left was taken in 1995. Yes, that 1995 -- the 1995 when the Braves won the World Series.

I vividly remember sitting in front of the TV at my parents' house during the 1995 playoffs. I had already developed some superstitious tendencies. For example, I sat there with my styrofoam tomahawk and chopped my little heart out every time I heard the tune. Then, as I went to sleep, I hugged the tomahawk like most children would hug a teddy bear. When the Braves were declared World Series champions, I got a screenprinted black hoodie from a stand on the side of the road and wore it to school almost daily.

So, here's the thing about the Braves this season: they've let it come down to the wire in the majority of their games. That's why, when the disastrous events of September began, I wasn't all that concerned. The Braves have overcome more adversity than any other team this season, and I'm confident that they'll keep it up. It's kind of like when I played soccer as a child ... We managed to play better when we were down one player than when we had five on the bench.

In May, Forbes ranked Atlanta second on its list of "America's Most Miserable Sports Cities." However, a few short weeks later, the Braves began a 3+ month stint leading the NL East. Yeah, we made it interesting at the end, but that's the kind of team we are. I hope (from the bottom of my heart) that the Braves take the first step in making Mr. Forbes reconsider.

Let's celebrate Atlanta tonight. Go Braves!

-Drew Dotson, coordinator, communications, EAA

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