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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacation is over! Let's go to the movies!

Ever since graduation day, EAAvesdropping has been cruising along on autopilot, cleaning up from a long--but exciting--year.

Well, that stops now. Everything is cleaned up (except for that stack of paper in the corner ... we'll get to that later). It's time to get back to blogging again. And how will we do that?

By going to the movies, of course. Well ... not personally. We'll be living vicariously through several of Emory's faculty members, who've recently connected their own research interests to this summer's biggest releases.

Sidney Perkowitz, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Physics, explored whether the science of Iron Man is a complete fantasy or possible reality. His comments were cool enough that Entertainment Weekly picked them up. (For the super-interested, check out EW's site for what Perkowitz had to say about the science behind some other movies, including whether we have anything to fear from Armageddon.)

If you prefer a little less science and a little more couture, Tracy Scott, lecturer and director of undergraduate studies in sociology, discusses Sex and the City's relationship to other women-driven shows from the 1960s and 1970s, like That Girl and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Finally, unless you're one of the three people who hasn't seen Avatar, which is relatively new to DVD, you'll appreciate Alex Escobar's exploration of the movie's clash between the technological and pastoral. Extra points for Escobar's blue shirt, by the way.

All these links and more can be found on Emory's eScienceCommons blog. Bookmark 'em!

-- Eric Rangus, director of communications, EAA

Thanks for the photo, Iron Man Facebook fan page!

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