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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The lulling Lullwater lunch and tour

The president’s house definitely puts the “lull” in Lullwater, in a calming, relaxing way. After a vigorous hike through the woods, 25 EAA and Emory Annual Fund staff felt as though we were one with nature, even in our business casual attire and non-athletic shoes.

As we approached the Lullwater House, my jaw literally fell to the floor. I was not expecting an elegant mansion house surrounded by lush vegetation consisting of a rainbow of flowers and vivid, green grass. The environment was pristine and peaceful.

We strolled to the back of the house through the quaint garden. Debbie Wagner, the president's wife, enthusiastically greeted us on her back porch which resembled a spread straight out of Southern Living. Tables with large umbrellas sat on the porch, inviting us to sit and enjoy lunch and good conversation. Despite the humidity and occasional raindrop, it was a very pleasant experience.

Following our bagged lunches and a few glasses of Debbie’s delicious orange-lemon juice, we began the tour of the Lullwater House. Each room had its own unique story-from where the furniture came from to the funny stories Debbie shared with us. I was particularly awestruck by the Old English ceilings in the foyer. The Lullwater house looked immaculate despite the plethora of events that occur there. It was also very comforting to see the homey touch the Wagners added to it—like the photos of their daughters throughout the house and the homemade exercise room.

“Yes, this is Emory’s house, but it is our home,” Debbie said. This made me appreciate even more what the Wagners do for Emory.

Debbie, thank you for having us for lunch and for the tour of the Lullwater House (even without the cheesy tour guide outfit complete with nametag)!

--Farah Shackelford, EAA communications intern

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