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Friday, June 25, 2010

Super interns to the rescue!

Yes, being an intern at the EAA consists of things like blogging, making cute picture slide shows, and editing. But sometimes we have another important duty--filling in at the front desk!

We go from being the sweet, innocent little intern to being the first person visitors to the Miller-Ward Alumni House see. They ask us for help. They call with questions. We have access to important things like master keys and incoming/outgoing mail. We are also under the watchful eyes of H. Prentice Miller and Judson C. Ward. Seems intimidating, right?

Not really, actually. Everyone in the MWAH is quite friendly and helpful if a question arises. Plus, it’s Friday afternoon and there isn’t much action at the front desk!

Have a relaxing weekend!

-- Farah Shackelford, communications intern, EAA

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