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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Climbing 'Fences' with Denzel Washington

On Wednesday, May 12, Caucus of Emory Black Alumni (CEBA) NY members enjoyed a fun-filled night on Broadway, as we all braved the chilly weather to watch the mighty Denzel Washington star in Fences.

Act One: We all gathered together for a delicious pre-show meet n’ greet at Bourbon Street Bar & Grille in the Theater District. Think yummy sliders, sultry chicken wings, delectable mozzarella sticks, and heavenly hush puppies. Add a cocktail or two and we were ready for the show!

Act Two: To say Fences was an artistic masterpiece is an understatement. Many of us couldn’t believe that we had already reached intermission when the lights came on midway through the show. Washington and Viola Davis as husband and wife were superb, and definitely earned their Tony Award nominations. Passion, lies, laughter, deceit—this play was jam-packed with drama, drama, drama and kept audience members on the edge of our seats.

Act Three: Those of us who meandered around the theater after the show got to catch an up-close glimpse of Mr. Washington himself! He came out of a side door of the theater and greeted fans for several minutes before he jetted away in his unmarked chauffeured car. We stood there with our mouths open in sheer awe at the site of this prolific actor—though he seemed humble, dressed down in a baseball cap, and of course, a smile.

Well folks, that’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special thanks to Dina Choate, assistant director for regional programs and our Emory Alumni Association (EAA) liaison, for helping coordinate much of this event.

Stay tuned for our next CEBA NY event: A “Hello, Summer” cookout at a private residence in the Gramercy Park area of NYC. Get ready for fun in the sun!!

See the photos on the EAA's Facebook fan page.

-- Montshona Edwards 07C, Caucus of Emory Black Alumni New York

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