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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The shadow knows

It's official: I have a full blown case of undergraduate education envy. The origins can be traced back to my master's program in the Goizueta Business School. I may have the fastest actual degree you can get from Emory—the one-year accelerated MBA. With only three semesters on Emory’s campus, there simply was not enough time to engage in the University’s variety of opportunities.

Last Thursday, September 10, I volunteered to shadow a current Emory student—not just any student—one of my daughter's friends from high school, Luka Anic 11B. He is a junior who just started his BBA coursework at Goizueta. By reconnecting with someone I know (and have kept up with through my daughter), I thought I'd get the straight scoop about Emory. How has he been? Is he glad to be at Emory? What's Emory really like for him?

Well, let's just say I've never seen Luka so happy. His involvement with so many organizations made my head spin. (I think he studies instead of sleeping.) And to better round out his educational foundation, he took interesting classes during his first two years. He is definitely having a very different experience than I did.

Luka could not walk 10 yards without saying hello to someone he knew from a class, a club, or a friend-of-a-friend. His maturity and insight into Emory was impressive, and he has taken on quite a few leadership roles. His confidence and self-assurance was heartwarming and his happiness, infectious. Luka proved a great student to shadow, and I am grateful to glimpse Emory through his eyes—if only for a few hours.

It seems the only cure for undergraduate education envy is to make up for my missed opportunity by getting even more involved in Emory alumni activities. Thankfully, Emory Homecoming Weekend will be here next week. And in October, the EAA will host the GBS Mentor Program kickoff and the Executive Women of Goizueta's fall conference. I look forward to my next Emory event. See you on campus!

-- Lynda Smith 86MBA, marketing committee, Emory Alumni Board

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