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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Letter from home

I graduated from the Emory College of Arts and Sciences in 2007 and moved to Washington, DC last summer. My work schedule there didn't allow me to buy a plane ticket back to Atlanta until this past weekend, but I will tell you right now that it was well worth the very long wait.

As soon as I landed, my lovely host and longtime friend Cassandra Young 07C of the EAA took me down the winding roads of the Druid Hills neighborhood straight to Emory. It was only appropriate that my first stop back in Atlanta be Emory's campus—after all, it was my home for four amazing years. I told Cassie that I wanted to explore Emory again, this time, my first, as an alumna. So we headed down Clifton Road and turned onto Asbury Circle, filled with curiosity and excitement.

Stepping onto campus brought back so many memories—I felt right back at home. I also felt like a student all over again, especially since I was hauling around my laptop and old book bag while walking past my freshman and sophomore dorms (McTyeire Hall and Woodruff Residential Center, respectively).

Classes were in session and campus was alive. Students were mingling at the poster sale at the DUC, walking in and out of Cox Hall ... a few were busy endorsing Emory Crew on the sidewalks with colorful chalk, and others were taking advantage of a beautiful day by studying on the Quad.

I took my little tour of campus into the Robert W. Woodruff Library, bought myself an iced coffee from Jazzman's Cafe, and headed straight to the little desk I studied at during finals. I noticed improvements all over the library: newer computers, expanded seating area, interactive walls where students could write notes, and so much more.

I left the library to go explore some more. While walking around, the only thing that came to my mind was how gorgeous our campus is. The new infrastructure was just breathtaking—the brand new Psychology Building at the bottom of the hill at the corner of Dowman and Dickey Drives all the way up to the new freshman dorms adjacent to Eagle Row. Emory students are lucky: they get to experience the beauty of our campus while taking advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities.

I'm proud to be an Emory alumna and was so thrilled to be back on the campus that provided me with an excellent education and memories that I will cherish for life.

--Monica Samanta 07C, Arlington, VA

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