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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I love a parade

Sitting in traffic. Moving along at about 5 miles an hour. Paying more attention to the scenery than to the road. Sounds like a typical day driving in Atlanta, doesn't it?

Well ... yes, it is. But Saturday afternoon's traffic jam on campus was much more fun. I got the honor of driving the EAA float in the Emory Homecoming Parade. The "float" was just a tricked out Dodge Ram (if "tricked out" means covered in streamers and shiny stuff, which it does), but compared to some of our competition (see above), I'll take it.

Actually, our "competition" also included a Hummer, a tank (at least it looked like a tank), President Jim Wagner's Model-T (with Dooley aboard) and a school bus. Quite a collection.

The theme was "Swoopstock," which gave the students an excuse to break out their tie-dye t-shirts. When the rain poured down as we turned onto Asbury Circle, the Woodstock reference carried even more relevance. But many of the revelers, like our McTyeire Hall float above, made the best of it.

To see even more photos from the Parade, visit the EAA fan page on Facebook.

--Eric Rangus, float driver, EAA

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