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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pin me

Apparently I missed out my sophomore year. But I made up for it Wednesday night.

I attended the soon-to-be time-honored tradition of the “Sophomore Pinning Ceremony.” Co-hosted by the Emory Alumni Association and the Office of Residence Life and Housing, this even marks Emory College sophomores’ official induction into the community of Emory alumni. The pinning ceremony is a relatively new addition to Emory’s long list of distinctive rituals and traditions, having begun in March 2006. The event honors students’ successful completion of two semesters at Emory.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni all gathered in the Cox Hall Ballroom to celebrate Emory’s newest—and youngest—alumni. The event opened with the Emory Alma Mater. We all stood as the Sophomore Singers led us in song. Three speakers followed: Andrew Remissong 11C, co-president of the Student Alumni Association; Paul McLarty 63C 66L, president of the Emory Alumni Board; and Gary Hauk 91PhD, vice president and deputy to the president. Each offered his thoughts on the significance of the pinning ceremony.

When Hauk took to the podium, he dished out a little Emory trivia, explaining the meaning behind some of the language on the pin. "Emory"—named after John Emory, an American bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church (long before any of us were around). "University"—emphasis on “unity.” And then were was something in Latin, "Cor Prudentis Possidebit Scientiam"—flew right over my head at the time, to be honest—which loosely translates to, “The wise heart seeks knowledge.” A verse from a proverb, these are the words of the Emory motto.

After the addresses, the Class of 2012 neatly filed to the front of the room to receive the commemorative alumni pins from the guest alumni. The evening wrapped up with a spread of tasty treats, including a decadent chocolate fountain (Yum!) and a cake adorned with the face of the alumni pin. The guests ate, talked, and laughed. I think it’s safe to say that everyone there was proud to be Emory alumni—I know I am.

See the slide show from the event on the EAA's Facebook fan page.

-- Cory Lopez 10C, communications intern, EAA

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