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Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo of the Day: Miller-Ward Alumni House (and a goodbye)

The official University headquarters for alumni activities, the Miller-Ward Alumni House is named for Prentice Miller 27C 28G, who was the first dean of Emory alumni, and Judson C. "Jake" Ward 33C 36G, the current dean of alumni. Dr. Ward celebrated his 97th birthday this past spring and still comes in to work at Miller-Ward every week!

For the past few months, Miller-Ward has been my workplace as well. (It is just as beautiful inside. The trade-off is that my office is the same temperature as Siberia. Approximately.)

Sadly, this is my last day as an intern at the EAA, and so I bid you farewell. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic, given that: a) I no longer have a legitimate excuse to hang around Emory's campus every day; b) the EAA is preparing for the arrival of Emory's undergraduates in a couple of weeks, my fellow EAA interns are now on their way back to college, and in the midst of that back-to-school rush I will be heading into the dreaded "real world"; and c) this internship has been amazing. Where else can you play around on Facebook, sip champagne at exclusive fashion events, browse through Alice Walker's literary archives, and call it all "work"?

OK, so there was serious work, too. I've been able to build a more extensive portfolio here than I have anywhere--full of everything from articles for Emory Report to videos from EAA events; from a new design for this blog to pieces in EmoryWire; from the launch of the EAA's Facebook fan page to...you get the idea. It's been a busy summer!

And while I'm a little wistful today, I'm also excited to put all the skills that I've honed here at the EAA to good use at my new communications job at The Galloway School.

Until next time! Or the next alumni event in Atlanta.

-- Erin Crews 09C 09G, communications intern, EAA

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