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Monday, August 3, 2009

Cocktails on the coast

The Westchester/Fairfield Chapter of Emory alumni held its annual Cocktails on the Coast event at Splash Restaurant on Thursday, July 23. Splash is known for having the best waterfront dining in Connecticut, so I was excited to get there for the amazing views, tasty food, and to hang out with Emory alumni!

The day started out beautifully, but as the evening approached, it began pouring down rain. I thought, "What if nobody comes?" and was nervous that all of the chapter's planning and hard work would be swept away by the rain.

But when I arrived at Splash, I was struck by the sight of the beautiful Long Island Sound. Even though it was raining, it was still lovely (although I didn’t get the chance to hang out at the white sand bar--I will save that for a sunnier trip!).

Despite the daunting traffic and less-than-stellar weather, Emory alumni and friends soon started to arrive. We ended up having 45 people at the event! The room was spacious and elegant, the company was great, and the cocktails and appetizers--everything from sushi to steak skewers--were delicious.

Everyone had a great time--we had so much fun it was hard to leave. The only reason I snuck out at 10:00 p.m. was that the last train from Connecticut to Manhattan was leaving at 10:30 p.m.! I made it...barely.

-- Dina Choate, assistant director of regional programs, EAA

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