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Friday, August 28, 2009

Emory Cares...do you?

Since joining the EAA staff in 2006, I've discovered there's a lot more to alumni programming than hors d'oeuvres receptions. To my surprise, I learned that alumni were gathering in decidedly more modest settings—inside the chilly warehouses of food banks, ankle-deep in muck left after hurricanes, pulling weeds from between rows of vegetables grown in vacant lots. I learned that for Emory alumni, it's not just about having fun. It's about giving back.

Emory Cares International Service Day is coming up on November 14, and in its sixth year the program is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever. From what began in 2003 as a handful of service projects organized by Renelda Mack 83C, Emory Cares has grown to a worldwide phenomenon that unites Emory alumni, students, parents, and friends in a day of service to their communities. In the last two years, close to 2,000 people participated in more than 100 service projects around the world, all in the name of Emory Cares. And they took lots of pictures—visit our online Emory Cares photo album to see images of the amazing projects that our chapters organized in 2008.

For many chapters, organizing and participating in an Emory Cares service project has become an annual tradition. For the Korean Chapter of Emory Alumni, that tradition has brought them together for the past three years (continuing into the fourth this November) to give back to some of the neediest members of their community. Korea has a long history with Emory—the connection goes back to Yun Ch'i-Ho 93 (that's 1893)Ox 1908H, Emory's very first international student.

Since 2006, the Korean Chapter has been volunteering their time, energy, and spirit to help out residents at homes for the elderly and disabled in Seoul. Their devotion to the Emory Cares program has touched the lives not only of these residents, but also drawn the chapter closer together and strengthened their bond to their alma mater.

This November, you can be a part of an international network of Emory volunteers who will work side by side to give back in their own neighborhoods. Service projects are in the works for nearly 40 cities in seven countries, so there's bound to be an opportunity to serve in your area. And if you don't see your city listed, think about organizing a service project for alumni in your area! Visit the Emory Cares homepage to learn how. Then connect with other participants on Facebook, and help spread the word!

Emory Cares International Service Day: it's about giving back. (And having fun while we're at it!)

-- Kerry Gallo, Emory Cares Program Coordinator, RSPH student

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