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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Class of 1959 - UNCENSORED!

We all know that Emory students work hard, but true to the adage, they play hard, too. In honor of their 50-year reunion (see the photos), we asked the Class of 1959 to tell us their funniest and fondest memories at Emory … if you think they were tame, guess again.

While we don’t exactly endorse all these hilarious memories, (don’t get mad at us, legal!), we’re sure Emory’s Lord of Misrule is silently tipping his hat to the follies from his former freshmen. In any case, get ready for a fresh insight into Emory and the lively generation that launched the Swingin’ 60s after the books were closed.

To protect the guilty, we're only using initials ...

– “An ATO pledge pouring an aquarium full of salamanders on [a student] to wake him up for class.” J.A.

– “Getting orange juice from the McTyeire Hall vending machines, mixing it with vodka and trying to type a term paper.” M.B.

– “The raid where one of my fraternity brothers was encountered by Dean Reese in the lobby of a girls’ dorm. The Dean handed him a clipboard and told him to sign his name. He handed it back unsigned and jumped out of a window.” K.K.

– “One of my SAE frat brothers had a pretty blond girlfriend from Atlanta who attended Georgia State. When she said she might transfer to Emory, she was asked if she would commute. “No, I’ll live at home and drive back and forth.” R.C.F.

Although the Class of 1959 celebrated their 50-year departure from dear ol’ Emory this past May during Emory Commencement Weekend, the 5-Year through 45-Year reunions are gearing up for a launch during this year’s jam-packed Homecoming Weekend, slated for September 24-26.

It doesn’t have to be a reunion year for alumni to come back to campus, though—this year we’ve got plenty for everyone, from the Big, Bold, Blue & Gold Homecoming Parade and tailgate followed by the Homecoming soccer game, to faculty lectures, campus tours, social mixers, art exhibits, awards dinners, and more! (We’re Emory, so naturally we’re overachievers).

This year take your own trip down “mEmory” lane and make some new memories with old friends at Homecoming... although we would recommend that you try to not follow every example you see below.

While some of the side-stitching memories of the most useful lessons learned sound slightly painful:

– “Take the grade I earned and not to accept an opportunity to volunteer to be a part of an “experiment.” (Psych. 101). I still got a “C” and have bad memories of being shocked for wrong answers.” S.S.

and others could have Dooley rolling over in his grave:

– “In my senior year, 2 fraternity brothers and I stole Dooley’s Coffin and kept it in hiding on N. Highland Dr. We hoped there would be a hoopla about it—nothing. So 3AM one morning when DVS had its public initiation we put it in the center of campus.” D.G.

We did find a trend—rarely were any two of the funniest memories alike (unless it was exactly the same memory). It looks like every alumnus who comes through Emory’s Haygood-Hopkins Gate takes a different, individually tailored experience with them when they leave.

This got us wondering: What are your best memories of Emory? Whether it’s sneaking into your old freshman dorm your senior year after Dooley’s Ball, making your pledge deliver flowers to the love of your life, the time you pranked called Wingnuts or ate at Dooley’s Den (now the Depot) for a week straight just to avoid DUC food—we want to hear about it. If you need some inspiration, check out some more of the Class of 1959’s best memories below…

– “Also met my soulmate and love of my life at Emory … In December 2009 we will celebrate 50 years of marriage.” H.B.

– “The time the grad students in Geology filled a large plastic bag with natural gas, put a fuse on it, lit the fuse and let it go from the track. Lit up the whole campus!” R.S.

– "Struggling through the swimming class where I and many other “landlubbers” were “drownproofed!” J.D.
– “Can’t tell some of my funniest memories :-)” N.B.

So make Dooley proud and dish the details!

- Cassie Young 07C, program coordinator, EAA


  1. I remember when my roommate and I hid my best friend's childhood 'memento' and made her a "treasure" map to find it. We kept moving it while she was searching so that she'd never find it & then eventually put it back where it came from. She was LIVID.

  2. The best was when we climbed the scaffolding while they were renovating the outside of Woodruff Residential Center back in 2005...sure, it wasn't the SAFEST activity in the world, but it's one of the best memories I have from Emory. :)