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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glamour and glitz at Tory Burch

I had the pleasure of joining about 75 fellow Emory alumnae for an evening of fashion, makeup, and shopping at the Tory Burch boutique in Phipps Plaza on Tuesday, June 30. Atlanta's Alumnae & Women of Emory (AWE) group hosted Chi Chi Okezie 98Ox 00C, the founder and owner of SIMPLEnetworking, who spoke about the importance of maintaining a professional image and perfecting your business etiquette.

Her advice? “Image is very important, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, or if you’re in the university system, you’re a doctor, lawyer, whatever—you always want to have that professional look,” she said. “Pick something that fits your career and industry, and go that extra step to ensure you’re conveying confidence.”

Okezie also emphasized the importance of networking and of events like this one hosted by AWE as opportunities for women from all walks of life to get together around an array of topics, including shopping, auto repair, fitness, literature...the list just keeps going. She even motivated me to go to the free fitness event on July 28. (My total number of workout sessions since April: three. You have to start somewhere, right?)

Okezie was joined by Estée Lauder’s Nancy Dozier, who offered crowd-pleasing makeup goody bags and personalized foundation matching tips. After a brief introductory presentation, Okezie and Dozier spent the rest of the evening chatting with alumnae about everything from business consulting to cultural awareness to that perfect shade of lipstick.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I am not one to get excited about mascara and designer fashion. But it was hard not to be energized by Okezie's and Dozier's contagious enthusiasm.

When they weren't receiving fashion pointers, guests sipped flutes of champagne and enjoyed the boutique’s private sale with an Emory-exclusive discount.

View our photos of the event here.

“I really had a great time,” Okezie told me as the last few women made their way out, shopping bags and makeup samples in tow, a couple hours later. “A lot of the ladies were really excited to be here, and everyone just enjoyed the atmosphere…and the champagne!”

-- Erin Crews 09C 09G, communications intern, EAA

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