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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picture pages

We don't have any photos of snails (trust us, that's a good thing), but we do have a brand new slide show from Faculty Destinations: Boston. Click here to take a look.

Thursday, June 25, was one of the first dry days all summer in New England, so we were glad so many alumni came out to the Back Bay Hotel to meet Justin Remais.

For more Emory photos, including hundreds from Emory Commencement Weekend, check out the July 2009 issue of EmoryWire, which is out today. We have photos from nearly 20 Commencement events, plus features on award-winning new graduates, an alumni-led film festival in New York, and much more.

If Emory history is your thing, don't miss the return of EmoryWire's Looking Back feature. While war is no doubt on the minds of many of new graduates (as well as alumni), it's not a new thing. Read how the Class of 1970 reacted to a distant war and how those passionate feelings affected the entire campus in a reprinted piece from Emory Magazine.

Only in the July EmoryWire.

--Eric Rangus, director of communications, EAA

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