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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roses are red, violets are blue

I love Emory and so do you!

If you like flowers, love Emory, and live in Birmingham, AL, I probably saw you at the Birmingham chapter’s Lullwater Day Celebration at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this past Sunday, June 13.

I'm Laura Zimmerman, assistant director for regional programs with the EAA, here to get you up to speed on all things alumni and floral.

Although the Birmingham event (photos to come) was nearly spoiled by severe weather (who doesn’t enjoy strolling through gardens in torrential downpours?!?), we had a wonderful turnout of nearly 60 alumni and guests. Alumni representation spanned six decades and nearly every school.

The event succeeded at engaging retired alumni as well as recent graduates and everyone in between—including our youngest guest of the day, one-month-old son of Scott 89Ox 91C and Kelley Walton, who was being primed no doubt for the Emory Class of 2031.

Just like the Lullwater Day Celebration invitation suggested, this event provided alumni and their families the opportunity to meet one another and bring an Emory tradition to one of Birmingham’s most beautiful green spaces.

After a weekend of “all-gardens, all-the-time” (first Callaway Gardens for the EAB meeting and then Birmingham Botanical Gardens for the Lullwater Day Reception), I guess you could say that I found my botanical heart. I still have a black thumb though.

-- Laura Zimmerman, assistant director, regional programs, EAA

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