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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brown-baggin' it at Lullwater

Today members of the EAA staff journeyed to Lullwater Park for a brown bag lunch. Our first two brown bag lunches were at Hahn Woods, but we decided to hike a bit further in honor of cooler weather. We walked from the Miller-Ward Alumni House through the woods to the nicely-secluded area surrounding the lake at Lullwater. Although I got my first glimpse of President Wagner’s house, he didn’t join us for lunch. Maybe next time…

We enjoyed sandwiches (and one burrito) on blankets in the grass by the lake. During lunch we witnessed all types of people – ranging from young to old, from running clothes to slacks and a tie. It was refreshing to see so many people enjoying nature’s beauty, especially considering Atlanta was under water only two weeks ago.

If the walk to Lullwater wasn’t enough exercise, we exhausted ourselves running from the bee that wanted to join us (or was that just me?!). It was a nice use of lunchtime, and I hope it’s not too cold when next month’s brown bag lunch rolls around…

I deemed last night’s 10:00 p.m. grocery store run for Uncrustables well worth it when enjoying the 74-degree and sunny weather!
--Drew Dotson, coordinator, regional programs, EAA

1 comment:

  1. I think I might try some Uncrustables next time around.