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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Surviving isn't enough

It’s all about thriving!

On Friday, August 27, the Emory Alumni Consulting Group sponsored its first professional development event, “How to Thrive During Turbulent Times.” Featuring a powerhouse panel of consultants and other experts (many of them alumni), the speakers delved into the skills that create value in challenging, and in good, times.

• Focus on the relationship with the client, not just on a project; personal relationships drive business.

• Have a flexible skill set that will allow you to transition to other industries if your own industry is impacted by a downturn.

• The closer you are to the revenue stream, the likelier you are to survive a downturn.

• Keep up with the latest trends to help “weatherproof” yourself.

• Network, and invest in your network to reap its benefits.

Panelists, pictured above, left-to-right, included Joe Durbin 97C, McKing Consulting; Gary Cruze, Emory Center for Lifelong Learning; Mike Van Den Eynde 92MBA, Deloitte Consulting; and Reatha Clark, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Aditya Rao 08MBA, Deloitte Consulting, moderated the panel.

Visit the EAA's Facebook fan page for more photos.

-- Carolyn Bregman 82L, director, alumni career services, EAA

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