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Friday, September 17, 2010

Homecoming--Always a classic

If you open your Homecoming 2010 booklet, you’re going to see a full schedule of events—but that’s only the half of it. Alumni have it good at Emory, but being a student come Homecoming weekend is far better.

See, the schedule of events inside of the Homecoming booklet you all received is missing a few things—that is, from my perspective as a Homecoming co-chairperson.

Alumni and students alike will enjoy Saturday’s nostalgic campus tours, the tailgate and soccer game, the Homecoming parade, and the Indigo Girls concert.

But to me and the rest of the Student Programming Council (SPC), that’s just one day of the jam-packed four of Homecoming week.

I, along with my co-chair, Jess Miron, know all the ins and outs of the week. We’ve booked the artists, requested quotes for just about everything, and we’ve ordered those coveted Emory event t-shirts (available to alumni—ask Gloria). We’ve even planned some new things for the week.

Next Wednesday, Emory will see what I hope to be the first annual Homecoming carnival and we’re not holding back.

Extending from the Dobbs University Center all the way to the end of Cox Hall Bridge, we’ve got spinning rides that might make you sick, carnival booths complete with prizes, inflatable bungee rides, and all the classic kinds of carnival food (popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and funnel cake).

The one thing that’s missing is a Ferris wheel. Apparently, the administration doesn’t want kids falling out of their seats, and well, we don’t want that either.

Next Thursday night, Glenn Auditorium will turn into a makeshift comedy club as it does twice a year when we have a comedian come to town. This year, we’ve got TJ Miller, Jay Baruchel’s buddy in “She’s Out of My League” and the guy who held the camera in “Cloverfield.”

And the talent continues throughout the weekend with Guster performing Friday night on McDonough Field and Derek Walin and Super Mash Bros. performing Saturday night at the Homecoming Ball.

This combo of artistry, including the Indigo Girls, has created what we’ve unofficially called the “36-hour marathon” of backline, production, set up and clean up (at least three times), porter potty installation, and pizza deliveries (from Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint).

I’ll confess that I’ve already had a nightmare or two about forgotten bookings and unattended events, but I guess that’s all in a day’s work.

Alumni, I tell you all of this not to make you wish for freshmen status again, but to invite you to join in on the fun. Your alumni ID is just as good as an Emory ID, at least this week it will be.

--Lindsey Bomnin 12C, EAA communications assistant

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