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Friday, January 22, 2010

Oxford College vampires? For real?

After watching last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, I’m not necessarily convinced that there were ever real vampires and witches on Oxford College’s campus. BUT ... there were definitely strange visitors a while back as evidenced by the show’s setting.

The Oxford footage was limited to the inside second story of the library but definitely recognizable. From the spiral staircase to the “Quiet Zone” sign it was pure Oxford.

The characters spent the majority of last night’s episode at a little bar by the railroad tracks on Emory St. in Covington, GA. The bar doubles as a country buffet during the day, but in the show it was a happening little pub complete with vampires and at least one witch--the bartender.

I’ve actually been to that bar once (for the buffet) and it was definitely the same place. I may go back now just to get re-acquainted, not necessarily for the food, and sit where Damon sat.

Hopefully this time life will not imitate art, Covington doesn’t need back-alley beat downs and a witch-murdering vampire ... although she did double-cross Damon. One may think twice before walking across the Oxford quad at night now.

Not being a regular watcher of the show I will say it kept my attention and was fun to see Oxford College and Covington, GA as the backdrop. Here’s to hoping they return ... peacefully. Maybe next time they can capture some of the beauty that is the Oxford College campus.

-- Kevin Smyrl, associate dean, development and alumni relations, Oxford College

** photo above by Guy D'Alema ... downloaded from the Vampire Diaries Facebook page.

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