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Monday, January 25, 2010

Can you count to 100?

I’m never prepared for the emotional impact the 100 Senior Honorary induction has on me and its participants . . . after doing it for several years, you think I would be. However, each year brings a fresh set of students, an incredible array of accomplishments, and a chance to see Emory through the eyes of the amazing students who make it what it is.

And with each year is the bittersweet feeling that though these students are getting ready to leave Emory, they’re starting a new era in their lives and will always remain deeply connected to the University.

The 100 Senior Honorary society is a relatively new tradition at Emory; it started with the Class of 2005. Each year, the EAA works with leadership across campus to identify the 100 “most outstanding” members of the senior class. These seniors are then recognized for their accomplishments and inducted as class agents who are asked to maintain a lifelong connection to the university.

"Outstanding" is a purposefully broad term; members can be known for their academic prowess, campus leadership, athleticism, dedication to others, or just simply being a great friend. Each year, nominations for the honor have grown; we selected the 100 individuals this year from more than 800 nominations.

I’m lucky--while my colleagues on campus get to know these students for the four years they’re at Emory, I get to know most of them best in the years after they leave campus. I’ve seen members of the 100 Senior Honorary grow into leadership roles in regional chapters, serve as mentors to younger graduates, take charge of reunion committees, and basically, stay connected to and in touch with Emory no matter where they are in the world or their life.

They’ve gone to graduate school, started careers, married, and will soon be starting families. The best thing about watching them grow is seeing them merge into the Emory alumni community that is more than 108,000 alumni strong. I’ll enjoy these last couple of months with the 100 on campus ... then I'll gladly send them off to your nurturing and keeping for an induction into the society alumni that is far more than 100.

-- Kate Lawlor 01C, director, alumni and student leadership, EAA

Visit the EAA's Facebook fan page for more photos from the 100 Senior Honorary induction.

Who are the 100 Senior Honorary? Find them here.

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