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Friday, December 11, 2009

A GALA holiday gala


Despite an already-stacked calendar of holiday events and festivities, Emory Gay and Lesbian Alumni (GALA), Emory OUTLaw, and the Goizueta Pride Alliance had a wonderful showing at this year’s GALA Holiday Social last Friday, December 4.

The event, which was organized and executed by Terry Sartor 93B 93C (long-time GALA alumni volunteer leader) was held at Mixx--a fun, simple, clean (!) establishment that is, self-admittedly, fairly unknown at the moment.

In many ways, Mixx was the perfect venue for this year’s Holiday Social–like the event and the people who attended, Mixx was carefree, but put together with thought and care. Among the limited offering of LGBT bars in Atlanta (or, rather, the limited offering of non-sketchy LGBT bars in Atlanta), Mixx was something new. And new was nice.

GALA’s partnership with Emory OUTLaw and the Goizueta Pride Alliance was also a nice addition. The positive impacts of this new partnership were immediately apparent upon entering the event, as alumni from all of Emory's schools and affiliations reveled in the holiday spirit side-by-side.

The best part: everyone seemed to be having fun, a feeling easily overlooked in a season jam-packed with shopping lists, extended family, and resolution planning. It may have been the stellar service, or the smell of tasty food in the air. Or maybe it was the campy--albeit charming--vintage video clips being projected on the walls . . . or perhaps it was the twinkling Christmas lights scattered throughout the private room. Heck, maybe it was just the cocktails talking . . . whatever magical combination of factors brought on the palpable sense of relaxation at this year’s GALA Holiday Social, it was something special--something special that this event planner wishes he could bottle up and save for later.

Cheers to a wildly successful holiday event, and to hoping others will be just as great this season!

Ben Corley 07C, assistant director, regional programs, EAA

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