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Friday, April 10, 2009

Headed for the "County Line"

I'm headed to the Arena at Gwinnett Center tonight out in Duluth. Why should you care about this? Well, the Grammy-winning country duo Sugarland is playing there tonight, and I'm very excited. Again, I guess, you may be asking, "Why should I care?"

Well, the male half of Sugarland, mandolin player/guitarist/songwriter Kristian Bush 92C is an Emory alumnus, having graduated with a double major in English and creative writing. Emory Magazine editor Paige Parvin 96G wrote a great profile of Bush in the magazine's Spring 2008 issue.

The female half of the duo, Jennifer Nettles, didn't graduate from Emory, but she is no stranger to the campus. I remember vividly a show she put on under the DUC Terraces back in 2002 when she was fronting the Jennifer Nettles Band. More rock than country back then, she played more than 90 minutes. For free. It was spectacular, and I'm so glad she has hit it big. Few performers I've ever seen are more talented, charismatic, and deserving.

If anyone else is a fan, check back on EAAvesdropping this weekend. I'll try and post a review, maybe a set list, list any Emory shoutouts, that sort of thing. Not sure what'll happen. Have a great holiday, be it Passover or Easter.

--Eric Rangus, director of communications, EAA

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