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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EAAvesdropping on Commencement 2009

If you've read the latest issue of EmoryWire, or simply looked at the main Emory webpage, you'll know that the Class of 2009 is about to graduate. May 7-11 is the campuswide celebration of Emory Commencement Weekend, and you can EAAvesdrop on events no matter where you are!

Check EAAvesdropping frequently over Emory Commencement Weekend--EAA staff will be blogging from events every day, giving alumni readers a first-hand view of the fun. Live vicariously through us! It's EAAvesdropping you can feel good about.

Through our blog posts, our goal is to give you a fun sense of what it's like to be on campus during this very important, very fun weekend. But, if you prefer your Commencement updates in 140 characters or less, click here to follow the EAA's new Twitter page. We'll be Tweeting from all over the place--Oxford, Lullwater, the Block Party, a seat under a tree at the Quadrangle, the back of a campus tour bus, who knows? Part of the fun of following will be to learn where the EAA will turn up next.

Finally, as we mentioned in EmoryWire, today's EAAvesdropping post is also set up to collect your feedback about our latest issue. (To make it easy for you to review, we'll even provide you another link to EmoryWire here.) What do you like, dislike, or want to read in EmoryWire, the EAA's signature electronic newsletter? The only way we'll know is if you comment below. Thanks for reading, and EmoryWire will be back in June with full Commencement coverage and hundreds of photos from across campus.

Until then, be sure and check EAAvesdropping for daily Emory Commencement Weekend coverage and whatever else we can think of.

--Eric Rangus, director of communications, EAA

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