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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bob Dylan is no. 151

Yes, that is the legendary Bob Dylan at right. Performing at Glenn Auditorium. Here on Emory's campus.

The date was February 8, 1964.

He looks pretty good, actually. Or at least pretty young.

This year marks Emory's 175th anniversary, and as part of the celebration, the University has put together a webpage that lists the 175 of everything.

The most recent entry is 175 performers. It's a list of 175 singers, dancers, musicians, and actors who have appeared on campus over Emory's 175-year history. Dylan is listed as no. 151. Take a look at some of the others. There are a lot you'll recognize.

But we've had even more. As I mentioned in my first post about the 175, I've been at Emory for 11 years and I've seen a lot. In every sense of the term. Some of the artists who didn't make the 175 (but have performed here since I started work include Ben Folds, the Jennifer Nettles Band, Ludacris, Third Eye Blind, Better Than Ezra, Pat Green, and the Bang on a Can All Stars (which I just need to mention because of the name). Unfortunately, I'm not cultured enough to speak to the dancers and orchestral groups who've been here, although I'm betting we have readers who can.

I think my favorite of those listed above was the Jennifer Nettles Band (her group before Sugarland), who played an absolutely rockin' set outside the DUC on the McDonough Field side. It was a 90 minute show, I think. For free.

The performers aren't the only list. Other 175s currently posted include the first 175 faculty members appointed to Emory. The 175th, Robert Troutman, a professor in the School of Law, was appointed in 1915, meaning that Emory was around nearly 80 years before its 175th faculty member was hired. That's some serious job security.

Also listed are 175 species in Lullwater. We've got mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds of all sorts, and even a Spirit. My favorite of the 175 is the American crow.

More lists will be added soon. And keep an eye out for those Southeastern five-lined skinks next time you're exploring Lullwater. I hear they eat a lot.

-- Eric Rangus, director, communications, EAA

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