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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yet another work field trip!

A big plus about working at the Emory Alumni Association (EAA) is that we can channel our inner child and sometimes take short field trips during the day. Don’t worry, these ARE work related field trips, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

Today Kristin (one of the other EAA interns) and I braved the Atlanta summer heat and walked to Cox Hall Bridge where the Emory Farmer’s Market is held. As we ate our lunch at a quaint table, we soaked in the atmosphere around us. There was a high school girls’ volleyball camp going on, so things weren’t so peaceful. Other than that, it was a pleasant experience.

The Emory Farmer’s Market was family-friendly. Most kids would probably rather do ANYTHING else than shop for organic produce on a summer day. I noticed there were a lot of children actually enjoying themselves. I guess we have those who coordinated the watermelon seed spitting contest to thank! It looked to me as though the Emory Farmer’s Market was a success. Both the organic vegetable and bakery booths had several customers throughout the entire time we were there!

What a great way to expose the Emory community to the importance of eating local and organic!

--Farah Shackelford, communications intern, EAA

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  1. Thanks for sharing Farah, I hope for the chance to see you again soon!

    Katie Read