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Monday, February 15, 2010

Link-O-Rama Monday

EAAvesdropping knows that Valentine's Day was yesterday, but really ... we know that everyone wants all that good feeling from February 14 (if not the chocolate) to last a very long time. Click here to see how you can make your valentine last forever, and here to learn more about "the science of love."

Speaking of love, EAAvesdropping loves Emory's men's and women's basketball teams, and today marks the beginning of THINK PINK week, which culminates in the women's annual THINK PINK basketball game on Sunday, February 21, against Brandeis for breast cancer awareness.

All week there will be a host of THINK PINK related activities. as well as lots of basketball. Make sure you are at the P.E. Center Friday night for the Eagles doubleheader against NYU (women at 6:00 p.m., men at 8:00 p.m.). The men start things off on Sunday against the No. 21 Judges at noon.

-- Eric Rangus, director of communications, EAA

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