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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Italian Canterbury Tales

The Emory Travel Program is taking a trip to Italy from October 1 to 17, 2011. Travelers will explore many places in Italy, from the beautiful Amalfi coast to the shores of Venice. Visit ancient sites like Pompeii, and explore historic cities like Rome, Florence, Siena, Perugia, and Assisi. Guides will tell the stories behind key monuments. Enjoy good food and lively fellowship in a small group of travelers. Think of it as an Italian Canterbury Tales.

While appreciating the art and architecture of earlier periods is important, reflecting on Italy and Italians in modern times adds contextual depth. As your host, I will offer three talks on Italy (past and present) that are sure to stimulate discussions. For example, how does Italy of the Renaissance and of the Risorgimento play out in contemporary political, social, and familial life? What has been the role of the Catholic church over this long history? How has Italy changed since its unification 150 years ago? How did creative writers and political thinkers (ranging from Dante to Machiavelli) influence the development of this varied culture? What are the roots of the mafias? How did Italians invent early European cuisine, its clothing, worldly styles, and music?

For a more detailed trip itinerary and reservation details, view the trip brochure.

-Gene Bianchi, Professor of Religion Emeritus, Emory University

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