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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ward!

April 14, 1912 is the day the titanic struck the iceberg. No, I don't know this because I've seen the movie Titanic dozens of times, but I know this because it's the day after Judson C. Ward 33C 36G was born.

Dr. Ward, Jake, Dean of Alumni, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, teacher, mentor, and friend. These names barely begin to scratch the surface of the long and purposeful life that Dr. Ward lived.

I knew Dr. Ward as the Dean of Alumni and one of the namesakes of the Miller-Ward Alumni House. It was a treat to spend time with him, whether it was a passing hello in the hall or when he stopped by my office for a visit. He would sometimes give me a kiss on the cheek or squeeze my hand. He knew how to make you feel appreciated. The handwritten notes, the correspondence he fired off on his typewriter, the favors he did without hesitation--these are treasured memories by all who received them.

I will always remember April 13, the birthday of a wonderful, giving man and the weekend the Titanic sank. I only know this because Dr. Ward told me so. He thought that it was the biggest event that took place the weekend of his birth--not in my eyes. Happy Birthday Jake!

Everyone has their favorite Dr. Ward story. Please share your story with us.

For more information on Dr. Ward, read a commemorative blog post from our archives or view his 96th birthday in photos.

--Missy Rodil, EAA Miller-Ward Alumni House director

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