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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Networking in DC

Back in time ...

On October 27, with the midterm elections right around the corner, DC alumni penciled in a swift night of networking.

I spoke with Julie Clements 02C, director of legislative affairs for the American Mental Health Counselors Association, who organized Emory's DC Networking Night, to get a sense of the feeling on the Hill.

Emory graduates from all kinds of career backgrounds came together to share the tips of their trades with other alumni. Thanks to the event's gracious host, George W. "Sandy" Mayo, Jr. 67C, alumni set up camp on the 13th floor of the influential DC law firm, Hogan Lovells US.

Alumni with careers in law, business, government affairs, health care, and the nonprofit sector hosted their informational tables.

Creating a festive atmosphere, people milled about, chatted and asked questions well before the event started--and continued after it ended.

Many post-millennium and earlier alumni attended and staffed the tables. But most of the alumni who came to the event were either still in graduate school or DC-based alumni looking to change their work environments.

"There was a lot of talk about Congress changing hands and what that would mean," Clements said. "Many of the alumni in attendance have political jobs. Those on the Hill are in pretty safe seats, so there was not concern about the member losing his seat."

Clements also met a reporter from NBC Nightly News who came out to the event and spoke about her reporting related to the election.

Throughout the night, alumni followed the proper "DC networking etiquette." Now for those of us who only know the fork-and-knife kind of etiquette, this kind means alumni showed up with business cards in hand ready to talk about their careers and ask questions.

About 100 Emory alumni turned out for the event, and with elections right around the corner, alumni working on the Hill were the last to leave.

--Lindsey Bomnin 12C, EAA communications assistant

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