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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to Emory, future lawyers of America!

The Emory Alumni Association (EAA) not only reaches out to alumni, but to students as well.

On Wednesday, students attended the School of Law's orientation--complete with tours, locker assignments (yes, really), and brown paper bag lunches.

One of my colleagues from the EAA and I worked at a table during the hustle-bustle of orientation. There were other tables set up as well, including one with parking/shuttle information, campus dining, and student health.

Our goal was to welcome incoming law students by handing out the Emory Memory books (a cute, spirited collection of Emory history and facts) and other EAA goodies such as luggage tags and highlighters (perfect for law students). And of course, another important goal was to promote the EAA and the wonderful things we do for Emory!

We had a few students ask basic questions about the EAA and possible volunteer opportunities. I even told one student about internships and work study programs (like mine)!

At first I was hesitant and not feeling very peppy about the idea of handing out books to people, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. I saw the law school, encountered a lot of new faces, crossed paths with many friendly people, and represented the EAA in a positive way.

Best of luck to the incoming class at the School of Law!

--Farah Shackelford, communications intern, EAA

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