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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A trip down Emory lane

Well Emory, the time has come to say goodbye—but just for the summer. I’ll be back as the EAA’s communications assistant in the fall. So before I bid you adieu, I’d like to wax nostalgic about blogging for the EAA.

From the first time I introduced myself to this bittersweet post, I’ve had some singular experiences.

Browsing the pages of Emory’s ancient yearbooks in the Schley Library, I learned a thing or two about Emory’s rich history. I bet you don’t know what pushball is (and if you do, then you don’t have to click on the link).

And who can forget the post about my celebrity meet-and-greet with the great Third Eye Blind? I hope you all could sense my clammy hands as you read about my encounter with lyricist legend, Stephan Jenkins (He’s a blogger, too.).

Next up, I got to attend my very first poetry reading featuring Emory alumna Stacey Lynn Brown 92C and her Southern poetry. Even better, I interviewed her by phone. It’s all true what they say about that Southern charm.

I gave you all a nice run down about Founders’ Week back at the beginning of the spring semester and then came my favorite blogging time of year: Dooley’s Week. From a classy Emory tasting to maniacal mobs fighting for t-shirts to funnyman Kevin Nealon, blogging about the week was almost better than the week itself … well, not quite, but I did get to relish in the spirit (Get it? Dooley’s spirit!) all over again in the blogosphere.

When people ask me where I work, I say the alumni association and they say, “Oh, the Telefund?” Then I respond with “I’m the communications assistant, so I get to write articles, copy edit, and blog.” Then they respond with a “Hey, that’s pretty cool.” But they don’t know the half of it.

I think the real value of working at the alumni association is the almost subconscious ability to know and recite random Emory facts. I also get to find out early on about what prestigious visitors will be coming to campus and what interesting events will be occurring. And I get to share that with all of you.

This summer, I’ll be located in the outskirts of the South, far away from Georgia, in the state with the biggest everything. Yup, you guessed it: Texas. Austin, TX to be exact, and I’ll be working as an intern for the Austin American Statesman.

Now, I know that Dooley can’t come with me, but don’t fret. When I get Emory-sick, I’ll take a look at Eaavesdropping and check up on you fine alumni. Until September, have a great summer!

-- Lindsey Bomnin 12C, communications assistant, EAA

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