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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FREE T-SHIRTS (Dooley's Week, Day 3)

The Dooley's Week t-shirts were so popular that we couldn't even snag a picture of one. So here's a little video that the Student Programming Council (SPC) put together, featuring Dooley and his Entourage.

Next to free food, Emory students will do almost anything for t-shirts, especially during Dooley's Week. This year's shirts glow in the dark ... did you hear that? They glow in the dark! And simultaneously complement the space theme. (Remember to hold up your t-shirt to the light to "charge" it.)

A few hours ago, Dooley's Week Wonderful Wednesday was in full force with a moon bounce, Dippin' Dots ice cream, and a scavenger hunt with six iPod prizes. But the only question I kept getting was, "When are you going to give out the t-shirts?"

One senior came up to me with her sob story about never getting a Dooley's Week t-shirt, but she was determined to make her last year the year she would get one.

Twenty minutes later, the mob in front of the tables was getting anxious, and then, suddenly, emerging from a box and flying through the air came the first t-shirt of the day! SPC members present (including myself) threw those rolled bundles of joy to bright-eyed students until the three boxes of shirts were empty.

Don't fret, we had three more catapulting rounds of t-shirts. I kept hearing my name coming from friends, acquaintances, and strangers (yes, that's right) in the crowd, all hoping to get a t-shirt. I utilized the backwards lob throw to keep it fair. Still, I think I made both new friends (and enemies) today.

We also provided neon green, Ray Ban-ripoff sunglasses and drinking cups with the Dooley's Week design on them. The sunglasses went first, and sadly, the cups were like the last kid to the be chosen in PE class.

Many were leftover.

If you're still shirtless (that is, without a Dooley's Week t-shirt), come to Kevin Nealon's stand-up performance tonight at Glenn Auditorium at 8:00 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. for those with tickets. You can get a ticket at the DUC Information Desk (An inside source tells me, we just got 300 more). And remember, the earlier you get there tonight, the more likely you'll get a t-shirt.

Now, wear those t-shirts with some Dooley pride and come on out to the week's remaining events, and if you don't have one, I think you can still get a cup.

--Lindsey Bomnin 12C, EAA communications assistant

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