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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A classic classical concert

The weather couldn't be more perfect for Sunday's Emory Commencement Weekend festivities. The Class of 1959 started their day with a brunch at the Dooley's Den at the Depot, an open house at Lullwater with President and Mrs. Wagner, followed by a classical concert at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. The event was hosted by William Ransom and featured Katie Lee 09C on the violin, Grace Eun-'yung Oh 89C on the piano, and bass Jason Hardy 96C.

This always popular classical concert is a nice way to end a busy weekend as we gear up for the finale on Monday when the graduates officially become Emory's newest alumni. This is the first year that the concert has been held at the Schwartz Center instead of the Miller-Ward Alumni House and the change of venue has been well-received. More than 180 attendees were inside. If the lack of left over refreshments is any indication, the event was definitely a huge success and enjoyed by all.

Each of the alumni performed, Lee and Hardy were accompanied by Ransom, Emerson Professor of Piano, while Oh performed solo. The student and alumni performers were remarkable for their talent. Lee, the concert master of the Emory Symphony Orchestra, played a violin that was made in 1687. Quite an honor for the future Emory medical student.

Oh just returned from a tour of Asia, we watched her on the monitors outside Emerson Concert Hall and only after the magical performance did we learn she is visually impaired--and can read music in braille with one hand while playing piano with the other.

Hardy's dramatic bass literally shook the walls and served as a thrilling conclusion to the concert.

--Allie Hill, director, Emory Travel Program, EAA

1 comment:

  1. I was on hand to witness the great performance by Lee, Random, and Oh.
    The change in venue was actually a pleasant addition to Commencement Weekend.
    Congratulations to the new alumni!